OUR&D Donor Privacy Policy

Confidentiality of Donors:  The Board shall keep the amount of specific donations and the identity of donors to the Organization confidential unless permission is received from such donor. The Board shall develop any other procedures not outlined in this Article needed to ensure the confidentiality of donors.

(a) All donor records shall be available for consultation by the members and donors concerned or by their legal representatives.

(b) No donor records shall be made available to any other person outside the Organization except the authorized governmental agencies.

(c) Within the Organization, donor records shall be made available only to those persons with managerial or personnel responsibilities for dealing with those donors, except that;

(d) Donor records shall be made available to the board when requested.

The above stated Whistleblower Policy of OUR&D was approved by the OUR&D board of directors on January 02, 2017 and is the adopted policy of the Organization.