It's not adding up.

Countries, cities and companies are curbing emissions. Millions of us are installing solar panels, driving electric cars, eating vegetarian, using smart thermostats and biking to work.

But unfortunately, none of those actions will completely solve the climate change problem.

That's because the problem lies in the numbers: we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050 to keep Earth off a catastrophic warming path. Meanwhile, our population’s global energy demands keep climbing.

So even if we aggressively deploy every current solution to the climate crisis - every known technology using today's sun, wind and water energy - the numbers mean we'll exceed society's carbon budget within a few decades.

The current solutions on the table don't add up.
We can't keep doing more of the same and expect a different result.
We need something else, something we haven't thought of yet.   

And we need to think of it soon so it's working by 2050.

The Earth's best source of renewable energy? Brain power.

The good news is, this unprecedented renewable energy solution is out there and we've got a plan to find it: SCIENCE.

We believe in the power of science and invention to enable the Earth and its inhabitants to not just survive, but thrive. That's because scientists have been turning the unimaginable into the tangible for thousands of years. Vaccines, electricity, the internet - humanity started with the wheel and headed straight for Mars.

New solutions to our climate crisis will be found using ingenuity, creativity and passion. But how to harness and boost all of this brain power in time? There's a plan for that, too.

When it comes to ideas, more equals more.

We're creating a way to give the invention pipeline a boost by seamlessly connecting scientists, people and companies: it's called OUR&D.

OUR&D is a new type of non-profit that funds the world's top scientists and their ideas. Now anyone, anywhere can directly support the scientific research that could end up saving humanity and a big percentage of all life on Earth.

OUR&D funds scientists to prove concepts - the trials to answer seemingly crazy "what if?" questions - that if proven, could alter our planet's destiny. We've seen these proofs yield amazing results over the years, such as solar cells the thickness of a human hair, or carbon fibers for lightweight airplanes.

It's time to go big and generate even more of these radical questions and proofs.

Because solving this crisis is at its core a numbers game — just as more shots on goal increases a team's chances for victory, more proofs of concept generated by the world's leading scientists increases Team Earth's chances for victory.

We're the only non-profit designed to create these proofs. And with the government becoming increasingly risk-averse and imposing rigid guardrails on the scientific process, OUR&D provides a critical hedge against federal inaction.

We're not going to wait for luck to strike. We're going to make our own in a lab.

What you can do to help.

We’re looking for people like you to invent the future with us. We'll take your donations as well as your wisdom and time. And if you have any questions, please let us know.

Let's do this.

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